Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates located in the Middle East. Home to the tallest building in the world (The Burj Khalifa), this city thrives on innovation to improve its business and tourism industries. The official language spoken here is Arabic but English is also widely used. The city is a highly cosmopolitan city with a large community of expatriates and a high-quality healthcare system.

Best Physiotherapy Treatment in UAE

Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to heal various chronic pain and cramps in the body. A number of disabilities, injuries and medical conditions can also be healed with the intervention of physiotherapy. However, due to the restrictions of making out time, patience and money many people give up this method of treatment.

Dubai is a place where you can get almost everything you can wish for and therefore physiotherapy clinics are in abundance where you can receive the best treatments in the most appropriate ways. The best thing about physiotherapy is that it’s completely natural without the side-effects of harsh medication and expensive, difficult surgeries. Professional physiotherapy involves manipulating the muscles and joints by applying pressure and doing corrective exercises which are further accompanied by appropriate diet and lifestyle.

Why Physiotherapy in UAE


  • Professional Physiotherapy – Dubai is renowned for all kinds of pleasure and services. Customer satisfaction is valued and therefore you will receive one of the best professional physiotherapy services in Dubai. The medical experts are highly experienced and have the right expertise to relive you from the pain using the most natural and safe methods.

  • Specialized Training for Healthy People – It’s not only that people suffering from some health condition can visit physiotherapy clinics. Healthy people can also take advantage of physiotherapy clinics in Dubai. These clinics provide specialized training to make your bodies stronger to avoid injuries, age-related issues, and other physiological conditions. The training includes cardiovascular training, endurance and strength training. Based on your personal goals you can have specialized training as well.

  • Most Modern Equipment – Dubai is the place where most advanced technology rules and therefore the most modern and effective equipment can be found in all the physiotherapy clinics there. You can experience the best physiotherapy experience in Dubai.

Types of Physiotherapy in Dubai

Dubai is specialized to use some of the best techniques of physiotherapy. Following are the types of physiotherapy most commonly used –

  • Magnetic Therapy

  • Electrotherapy Stimulation

  • Vacuum Treatment

  • Shockwave Treatment

  • Thermotherapy

  • Soft Tissues Massage and trigger points release

  • Stretching Exercises

  • Mobilization and Range of Mobile Exercises (ROM) include a passive range of motion exercises, the active assistive range of motion exercises and Active range of motion exercises.

  • Kinso Tapping Treatment

  • Coordination Exercises

  • Manual Therapy

  • Balance Exercises

  • Decompression Therapy using AccuSpine and IDD

In order to work as a physiotherapist in Dubai, physiotherapy graduates must have at least two years’ experience working as a physiotherapist. Senior physiotherapists require lthe east 7 years work understanding, or 5 years with a Master's degree. The prerequisites for enlistment with the Dubai Health Authority are as per the following:


  • Bachelor degree in physiotherapy

  • Proof of work involvement (least 2 years)

  • Licence to rehearse – got through the Dubai Health Authority on the web

  • Completed Dubai Health Authority appraisal (An online application for proficient licensure must be finished keeping in mind the end goal to book an exam)

  • Certificate of good standing – application might be filled in through the Dubai Health Authority on the web

  • Sponsorship is required to work in Dubai – a doctor's facility may go about as a support once bthe usiness has been picked up

  • Dubai working visa

Here's a quick summary on how to get a physiotherapy practising licence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

  • A foreign trained physiotherapist should at least have a B.Sc in physiotherapy, with at least two years’ work experience.

  • The physiotherapist must be an alum from a National as well as International perceived school/University.

  • For moves on from the UAE colleges, the program and college must be authorize by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR).

  • Higher confirmation testaments from The Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE will be proportional to Bachelor degree according to MOHESR standard

  • A Master degree or PhD (in the territory of claim to fame) will decrease one (1) year from the required involvement for permitting gave that the Master's/PhD degree isn't obligatory to acquire the chosen title.

  • Qualifications obtained through privileged nature, correspondence or separation learning are not tallied towards the PQR necessities.

  • All non-UAE national graduate physiotherapists from UAE colleges are required to effectively entire Six (6) months entry level position post-graduation.

  • UAE National physiotherapists are excluded from the experience and temporary job prerequisites for the fundamental passage level.

  • Foreign prepared physiotherapists must hold a substantial License/Registration to rehearse in their nation of origin or potentially nation of last business (where relevant).

  • Assistant partnered human services experts can't work freely and will work under an authorized Allied Healthcare proficient.

  • Physiotherapists, as other wellbeing experts, are required to pass an evaluation keeping in mind the end goal to get their honing permit in the UAE.